Artist Statement

Daily, I find a dozen potential paintings in my visual world, which is a great blessing to me.  The art of seeing and helping others to see and grasp the beauty of life’s small fleeting moments is the desire for my art work.

Whether it is sunlight glowing through a flower petal, golden backlight on a child at play or the soft glow of evening light coming through the trees on a mesa or mountain top, these captured moments and slices of life are the whispers of a higher power and what makes up life itself.  Through painting I hope to evoke a memory or a feeling to the viewer and share the emotion of a slice of time.

Many of my painting subjects come from the lands where I grew up. I call the areas between Santa Fe, NM; Dillon, CO; and Oklahoma City, OK my “golden triangle.” The inspiration I find in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico is perhaps my greatest painting joy.  The Colorado high country snow scenes have become a particular favorite as well.  I have been told I’m a “zoom-in” which means I select a small vignette of a larger landscape to focus upon.

Besides my landscape and plein air work and since becoming a grandmother, I find a great amount of inspiration and enjoyment in capturing vignettes of children at play, reading, sleeping or discovering something new.

I am enjoying working in soft pastel on sanded paper. My husband and I moved to Santa Fe, NM full time in Janaury of 2018 from Golden, CO.  We are exactly where we are meant to be.   We are in the process of remodeling an older home where I will have a new studio space filled with the magical north light of New Mexico and where I can paint from still life and work from photo references, but the place I believe I do my best and most spontaneous work is outside painting “en plein air.”